• You must know the performance effect of polyether defoamer!

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    Well known defoamers for polyethers, silicones and mineral oils. As one of them, polyether defoamer is an important one among defoamer products. In addition to being used in industrial production, it can also be used in fermentation, household chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The range of application industries is very wide, and it should be noted that the role of polyether defoamers cannot be replaced by silicone defoamers!
    What is polyether defoamer?

    The polyether defoamer is mainly a strong defoamer obtained by polymerizing propylene glycol or glycerin with propylene oxide and ethylene oxide under the catalysis of potassium hydroxide. The reason why the polyether defoamer can stabilize the defoaming and antifoaming is because its defoaming principle is to solubilize the bubble surfactant and reduce its effective concentration through some low molecular substances that can be fully mixed with the solution. , and dissolve into the surfactant adsorption layer, reduce the closeness between surfactant molecules, so as to achieve the effect of weakening the foam. Polyether defoamer has good heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, stable chemical properties, non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-toxic, and can maintain the original defoaming effect even in high-temperature industrial production. The effect is good with less dosage, and the purpose of improving quality, increasing efficiency and reducing cost is realized.
    Why can't silicone defoamers replace polyether defoamers?

    It should be known that the polyether defoamer does not contain silicone oil, which avoids the appearance and performance of the product such as stains caused by the presence of silicone oil or silicon spots caused by silicone oil. In addition, the polyether defoamer has good antifoaming effect, small taste and environmental protection, and its high temperature resistance is much better than ordinary silicon-containing defoamers. Of course, it is more suitable for industries with strict environmental requirements. Ether defoamer!

    To sum up, the reason why polyether defoamer is one of the three giants must have its unique advantages. It can be said that the scope of application is very wide, especially in the market situation where silicon residues are strictly controlled in some countries. potential. So, are you still hesitating whether to choose polyether defoamer? Why not contact us to try its power!
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