• The role of mineral oil defoamers

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    Mineral oil has been widely used in our lives. It is a mixture of refined liquid hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum, and is often used in industrial manufacturing. Especially as a defoamer, it has shown a strong ability, and has become the three giants in the mineral oil defoaming composition field with silicone defoamers and polyether defoamers.
    Mineral oil defoamers use oil as a carrier. The oil can be mineral oil, vegetable oil, white oil or any other oil that is insoluble in the foaming medium except silicone oil to become the active substance. Emulsifiers help the active ingredients to disperse, have a better effect, and help to suppress foam.

    Mineral oil defoamer itself has low surface tension and can play a preventive role. Mineral oil is insoluble in water on the liquid film of the foam, which destroys the integrity of the liquid film, destroys the recovery and fluidity of the liquid film, and breaks the foam to achieve the effect of defoaming.
    Mineral oil defoamer can be effective in both acidic and alkaline conditions, and it has good heat resistance. The versatility is also very strong, and it has the characteristics of non-flammable and non-explosive. The use of mineral oil defoamers will not affect the basic properties of the foaming system. It's also relatively cheap. It can be used in mining, oil refining, smelting, oil field, drilling, mineral processing and other fields. However, the compatibility of mineral oil defoamer is poor, and the defoaming effect on dense foam is not very good. It is not suitable for the environment of high shear force, and it is not suitable for products with strict requirements on color.
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