• The use of industrial wastewater treatment defoamer

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    Industrial wastewater treatment defoamer is a widely used chemical, its main function is to remove foam in water during water treatment. The defoamer can quickly break the bubbles in the water and prevent the bubbles from forming again, so as to achieve the effect of defoaming. This chemical is widely used in industrial production, especially in the field of sewage treatment.
    The principle of the defoamer for industrial wastewater treatment is to destroy the surface tension in the water through the action of the surfactant, so that the air bubbles in the water are broken. Surfactants can be divided into various types such as anionic surfactants, cationic surfactants and nonionic surfactants. In water treatment, nonionic surfactants are generally used as the main defoaming agent.

    The function of industrial wastewater treatment defoamer is not only to defoam, but also to improve the treatment effect of water. The foam in the water will affect the water treatment effect, and the defoamer can effectively remove the foam, thereby improving the water treatment efficiency. In addition, defoamers can also reduce energy consumption in the water treatment process, reduce production costs, and improve the economic benefits of industrial production.

    Industrial wastewater treatment defoamer is a chemical substance that can effectively reduce foam in water and is often used in industrial production. According to their different properties and uses, they can be divided into different classifications.
    First of all, according to their chemical composition, industrial wastewater treatment defoamers can be divided into organic defoamers and inorganic defoamers. Organic defoamers are mainly made of organic compounds, have good foam suppression effect, and are suitable for most water treatment processes. The inorganic defoamer is made of inorganic substances, which has a weak inhibitory effect on the foam in the water, but has a good removal effect on the colloid and floating matter in the water.

    Secondly, according to their use occasions and functions, defoamers for industrial wastewater treatment can be divided into foam inhibitors and foam eliminators. Foam inhibitors are suitable for occasions where a certain amount of foam needs to be maintained during water treatment, such as bioreactors in sewage treatment plants. The foam remover is suitable for occasions that need to completely eliminate foam in water, such as water treatment and electroplating production.
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