• What are the factors affecting the effect of pulp defoamer

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    Different types of pulp affect the quality and properties of the paper produced, such as core cake pulp for high strength or thickness hygiene paper, pine wood pulp for matte glazed paper, and bamboo pulp for special letterhead and posters etc. Similarly, foam in pulping production will also affect the quality of pulp, and  Pulp Defoamer is a defoamer specially developed for the foaming system of papermaking pulp.

    The pulp defoamer has a fast dispersion speed in the liquid, not only can quickly and thoroughly perform defoaming treatment, but also can suppress foam for a long time to prevent secondary foaming problems. However, in the actual use process, there will be many factors that will affect the effect of the defoamer. The following editor will take you to take stock of the factors:

    1. The slurry is made by mixing various raw materials and chemical additives. Its viscosity, surface tension, temperature, pH value, etc. will affect the effect of the defoamer. Generally speaking, the higher the viscosity of the slurry and the greater the surface tension, the corresponding increase in the amount of defoamer should be used.

    2. Stirring speed and time also affect the effect of defoamer. Generally speaking, the faster the stirring speed, the more thoroughly the defoamer dissolves in the liquid, and the better the effect, but too fast stirring speed will also produce new bubbles and foam.

    3. Adding a small amount of defoamer can achieve a good effect, but if the added amount is too small, the defoaming will not be complete, and there will be tiny foam residues. If the added amount is too large, the performance and quality of the slurry will be affected.

    4. Process conditions such as pressure, temperature, flow rate, etc. will also affect the effect of the defoamer, so it is necessary to appropriately increase or decrease the amount used according to the actual production situation.
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