• Application Notes for Metalworking Fluid Defoamers

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    Metalworking fluids can be divided into cutting fluids, grinding fluids, stamping fluids, drilling fluids, milling fluids, etc. according to different processing techniques and requirements. Different types of metalworking fluids have different characteristics and scope of application. Defoamers need to be selected and used according to specific conditions. Metalworking fluid defoamers are general-purpose defoamers with fast defoaming speed and long-term foam suppression time , high temperature resistance, can be applied to different types of liquids.

    During the production and use of metalworking fluid, a large number of bubbles are generated due to friction or stirring, and a small amount of bubbles cannot be broken due to the effect of surface tension and viscosity, so foam will be generated. The surfactant structure in the metalworking fluid defoamer is specially designed, which can make The bubbles break down into smaller foams and rise rapidly upward to burst.

    Metal processing: In metal cutting, grinding, stamping, drilling, milling and other processing processes, a variety of different metal processing fluids are often used to assist, and a large amount of foam is likely to be generated. Metal processing fluid defoamers are used in this The occasion is very practical, it can effectively eliminate the foam in the metalworking fluid, prolong the service life of the metalworking fluid, and improve the production efficiency and quality.

    If the addition does not work, do not blindly increase the defoamer into the raw material, which may be caused by another factor, such as viscosity, water balance or pH value, etc.

    The defoamer has a complex chemical composition, and the dosage must not be exceeded, otherwise it may have a negative impact on the processing fluid.

    Before adding, the diluent should be prepared and fully stirred evenly, so that the defoamer can be easily dissolved and the expected effect can be achieved.

    If you have any questions about defoamers for metalworking fluids or have defoamer needs, you can contact and have technical staff to answer your questions
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