• The correct way to add water-based defoamer

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    According to the defoaming needs of different industries, choosing a suitable water-based defoamer for your own products can solve the foam problem more quickly. How to choose a suitable defoamer to achieve the desired effect?

    The correct addition method of water-based defoamer may vary according to specific application fields and usage requirements.

    1. Determine the usage amount: Determine the required amount of water-based defoamer according to the needs and usage conditions. Pay attention to follow the directions for use or recommended dosage range provided by the manufacturer.

    2. Stir and dissolve in advance: gradually add the water-based defoamer to a certain amount of water, and stir fully to fully dissolve and evenly disperse it. Equipment such as a stirrer or stirring rod can be used for stirring to ensure that the defoamer is fully dissolved.

    3. Adding to the target system: gradually add the pre-dissolved water-based defoamer solution into the target system, such as detergents, paints, personal care products, etc. Continue to stir during the addition to ensure that the defoamer is evenly dispersed throughout the system.

    4. Timely adjustment: According to actual needs, the amount of water-based defoamer can be adjusted in time according to the generation and stability of foam. If better defoaming effect is required, the amount of defoaming agent can be increased appropriately.

    5. Pay attention to the ratio and stirring: in the process of adding the water-based defoamer, pay attention to follow the correct ratio and stirring requirements. Excessive use or insufficient agitation may result in poor or unstable foam.

    The above is the correct method of adding water-based paint defoamer, but the defoaming process is different in different industries, we should be targeted, conduct experiments according to the foaming situation, and choose a suitable defoamer. The water-based defoamer developed by Zilibon for various industries is a high-efficiency and high-concentration type, which can be added directly or after dilution. The dilution can be water, please consult for details.
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