• What is the defoamer for papermaking used for?

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    The defoamer for papermaking is a high-carbon alcohol ether emulsion type non-silicon defoamer that does not contain silicone at all. It can not only quickly remove the foam on the water surface, but also quickly remove the tiny bubbles adsorbed on the fibers in the water. Moreover, the defoamer for papermaking has strong anti-foaming ability, long-lasting foam suppression, no pinholes, and does not affect the firmness of the product. In all kinds of emulsions, it has strong ability to eliminate fine foam, fast foam breaking speed, long-lasting foam suppression and no rebound.
    Defoamer for papermaking is an indispensable additive for paper manufacturers, mainly because it will cause very rich foam when producing or preparing paper. Foams appear in the following processes: Adding chemical additives in the beating process of papermaking will cause foaming in the closed cycle of beating and white water; if the pulp is washed and self-adhesive, the introduction of a large amount of air will also cause foaming; Containing very fine fibers and pigment fillers can also produce a lot of foam.

    Once the foam cannot be eliminated, it will affect the quality of the paper and slow down the whole process, so it is imperative to eliminate the foam in the papermaking process. Papermaking defoaming agent has good water solubility and small addition amount, which can quickly eliminate foam. It is widely used in papermaking, wastewater treatment, coating, pulp, slurry and other processes.
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