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    In the rapidly developing 21st century, petroleum is one of the most important energy sources in the world and an indispensable member of many industries. Therefore, the whole world pays great attention to the exploitation of petroleum. In addition, during mining, air will be mixed in and the working environment will be too high to cause foam in the oil field, which will not only increase the cost of mining, but also seriously cause poor suction of the sand pump, injection pump, and drilling pump of the solid control system, or even fail to work.At this time, you need to use petroleum defoamer to help you avoid oilfield foam.

    What is petroleum defoamer?

    It is composed of polysiloxane and highly active polyether through a special process. It can quickly eliminate the foam in petroleum. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, strong acid resistance and strong alkali resistance. Its good water solubility and diffusibility can make the petroleum defoamer still play its best performance in harsh systems without affecting the purity of petroleum.

    The ingredients used in the defoamer are specifically for petroleum foaming systems. Its stable properties and physiological inertness prevent it from reacting with impurities in complex operating environments, thereby improving the purity and concentration of refined oil.

    How should petroleum defoamers be used?

    When in use, the product can be directly added to the foaming system to ensure its uniform dispersion, and it can also be diluted with water. It is best not to store the diluted liquid for more than 24 hours. Generally, the amount of petroleum defoamer added is 0.1~0.3% of the total foaming system, and the specific dosage should be determined according to scientific experiments based on the foaming quantity of different scales of petroleum.

    Secondly, petroleum defoamers can be used not only in the mining process but also in drilling, cementing, crude oil and gas separation and other processes. Petroleum defoamer helps you say goodbye to petroleum foam!
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