• How to use cleaning defoamer?

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    In our daily life, we often use various cleaning products to keep the environment hygienic and tidy. Among them, laundry detergent, laundry powder, soap, fabric softener, and fabric bleach are several common cleaning agents that play an important role in cleaning stains.
    However, due to the influence of its internal active ingredients, a large amount of foaming will occur during use, making the cleaning effect poor. Therefore, it is necessary to add a cleaning defoamer to eliminate foam:

    1. Problems caused by bubbles:

    (1) Pollution of the environment: Excessive foam will cause environmental pollution. For example, when washing a car, a large amount of foam will take away the oil and dust on the car body and then discharge it into the water body, causing certain pollution to the environment.

    (2)Affect the cleaning effect: The presence of foam will reduce the cleaning effect of cleaning products, because the foam will hinder the direct contact between the detergent and the stain, making the cleaning effect poor.

    2. The function of cleaning and defoamer:

    (1)Reduce environmental pollution: Cleaning and defoamer can effectively reduce the generation of foam, thereby reducing environmental pollution. Using cleaning defoamer in daily cleaning activities such as car washing and dishwashing can reduce foam entering the water body and protect the cleanliness and health of the environment.

    (2)Improve cleaning effect: The use of cleaning defoamers can reduce the presence of foam, enable better contact between the detergent and stains, and improve the cleaning effect. For example, adding cleaning defoamer to the washing machine can reduce the generation of foam during the washing process and improve the washing effect.

    (3)Economical and economical: Cleaning and defoamer can improve the cleaning effect and reduce the amount of detergent. Because the existence of foam will lead to waste of cleaning agent, using cleaning defoamer can reduce the generation of foam, thereby saving the use of cleaning agent and reducing cleaning costs.

    3. How to use cleaning and defoamer correctly:

    (1)Choose the appropriate cleaning and defoamer: Choose different types of cleaning and defoamer according to different cleaning needs to ensure that their ingredients are safe, environmentally friendly, and meet usage requirements.

    (2)Pay attention to how to use: Follow the instructions for using the cleaning and defoamer correctly. When using cleaning and defoamer, pay attention to the amount used and avoid using too much or too little.

    (3)Proper storage: Cleaning and defoamer should be stored in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight and high temperature environments, so as not to affect their effectiveness and service life.

    To sum up, cleaning and defoamer can bring benefits such as reducing environmental pollution, reducing environmental pollution, and saving costs. However, you should pay attention to the usage method during use and adjust the dosage in time to achieve the best defoamer effect!
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