• Why Dow Defoamer DC65 is Popular?

    By : Zilibon Chemical
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    Dow Defoamer DC65 is a silicone defoamer that can quickly defoam and can be used in water-based inks, water-based coatings, water-based varnishes, acrylic emulsions, adhesives and other industries. It has good defoaming and leveling properties to improve the quality and performance of inks, coatings and paints.
    Dow defoamer DC65 uses silicone oil as raw material and is made through a special emulsification process. It has the following characteristics:

    1. Good defoaming performance: It can quickly remove various types of bubbles in a short time, making the paint surface smoother and smoother.

    2. Good leveling performance: It can improve the leveling property of the paint and make it more evenly coated on the surface of the substrate, thus improving the adhesion and aesthetics of the coating.

    3. Good compatibility: It has good compatibility with various water-based resins, pigments and additives, and will not affect the performance and storage stability of the paint.

    4. Easy to use: can be added directly to the paint and stir evenly. During use, it is recommended to adjust the amount of addition appropriately according to the requirements of different coating systems.

    Dow defoamer DC65 is used in the following industries:

    1. Water-based ink: It can remove bubbles in the ink and improve printing quality and efficiency.

    2. Water-based paint: It can be used in furniture paint, wood paint, wall paint, automobile paint, etc. It can improve the leveling and uniformity of the paint and make the coating more beautiful and durable.

    3. Water-based varnish: It can remove bubbles in the varnish and improve the leveling and glossiness of the varnish.

    4. Acrylic emulsion: suitable for various acrylic emulsion systems, which can remove bubbles and improve the stability of the emulsion.

    5. Adhesive: Can be used in various adhesive systems to improve the adhesive strength and stability of the adhesive.

    Dow Defoamer DC65 is a water-based defoamer with good performance, environmental protection and good defoaming effect, which can be used in many industries. It can improve the quality and performance of coatings, bringing users higher production efficiency and better products.
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