• The role of polyether defoamer in the papermaking industry

    By : Zilibon Chemical
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    In the papermaking industry, the application of defoamers plays a pivotal role. With the continuous advancement of technology and the growing market, polyether defoamer, with their unique advantages, play an increasingly important role in the papermaking process.

    In the papermaking process, the generation of foam is a common and unavoidable problem. The presence of foam not only affects the quality of paper and reduces production efficiency, but may also lead to increased energy consumption and equipment failure. Therefore, the selection of an efficient defoamer is crucial to improving the production efficiency of the papermaking industry. As a non-ionic surfactant, polyether defoamer have become an ideal choice for the papermaking industry with their excellent defoaming performance and wide application fields.

    Polyether defoamer have excellent defoaming and anti-foaming properties. Its molecular structure contains a large number of polar groups such as long-chain alkyl and epoxy groups, which makes polyether defoamer have good wettability and permeability. In the papermaking process, polyether defoamer can quickly disperse into the liquid, form a stable system with the foaming medium, effectively eliminate fine foam, and avoid the appearance of silicon spots, color spots and other phenomena. In addition, polyether defoamer are also resistant to high shear force and high temperature, and can maintain good viscosity and fluidity under high temperature and high pressure conditions, ensuring the stability and continuity of the papermaking process.

    In the papermaking industry, the application of polyether defoamer has brought significant benefits. First, by reducing the generation of foam, polyether defoamer reduce the gas content in the liquid, thereby reducing the number of pores on the paper and improving the flatness and smoothness of the paper. Secondly, the use of polyether defoamer avoids liquid overflow, pipe blockage and equipment failure caused by foam, and improves the stability and efficiency of the production line. In addition, polyether defoamer can also reduce the viscosity of the liquid, reduce energy consumption, and save costs for papermaking companies.

    At present, the polyether defoamer market is in a rapid development stage. With the steady growth of the national economy and the improvement of consumers' demand for high-quality life, the market demand for polyether defoamer will continue to grow. At the same time, technological progress is also driving the continuous development of the polyether defoamer industry. Enterprises have stepped up their R&D efforts, improved existing products, and developed new polyether defoamer to meet the changing needs of the market. In addition, increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements have also brought new challenges and opportunities to the research and development and application of polyether defoamer.

    Looking to the future, the application prospects of polyether defoamer in the papermaking industry will be broader. With the continuous growth of market demand and the continuous advancement of technology, polyether defoamer will play a more important role in the papermaking process.
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