• Main advantages of textile defoamer

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    Textile defoamer are mainly designed for the foaming characteristics of textile slurries and printing and dyeing processes (below 80°C) in the textile industry. Textile defoamers have good dilution stability.The defoamer solution can meet the requirements of storage for 6 months without stratification. It has a wide range of acid and alkali resistance and can be made into weak anionic emulsions according to customer requirements. It is widely used in the production of ordinary textile slurries, high-speed textile slurries, medium-temperature printing and dyeing, adhesives, cutting fluids and other water-based industrial production processes.

    Textile defoamer include defoamers for textile pretreatment, defoamers for textile dyeing, and defoamers for textile printing.

    Main advantages of textile printing and dyeing defoamer:

    Fast defoaming and long-lasting foam suppression, good compatibility, good dispersibility, strong acid and alkali resistance, long foam suppression time, high efficiency, fast defoaming speed, not easy to break emulsion failure, high electrolyte resistance, and high shear resistance.

    Characteristics of textile defoamer:

    Fast defoaming speed, long anti-foaming time, high efficiency, low dosage, easy to disperse in water, well compatible with liquid products, not easy to demulsify and bleach oil.

    Textile defoamer can be used for: the whole process of textile dyeing also uses general-purpose OK oil penetrants, detergents, silk foaming agents, leveling agents, softeners, finishing agents, antique oils, printing acrylic slurries, pretreatment, textile chemical fiber oils, refining agents, fabric dyeing and finishing, medium and normal temperature polyester dyeing, textile sizing and textile auxiliaries, desizing, bleaching, washing, water treatment systems, etc.
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