• Detailed introduction of water-based defoamer

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    Water-based defoamer is mainly used to solve the foam problem of water-based system. It can effectively control, inhibit and eliminate the foam in the water-based system. The method of use is simple and easy to operate. It also has good anti-foaming and defoaming performance. Good stability will not affect the basic system of the water based system.

    Defoaming principle of water based defoamer

    The defoaming substance of water-based defoamer can be quickly dispersed in the foam, so as to dissolve into the foam and reduce its surface tension. The local reduction of the surface tension of the foam remains unchanged. The position where the surface tension is reduced will pull the part that has not been reduced, and the surface tension of the foam part is reduced, causing the foam to burst. At the same time, when its defoaming substance is added to the foaming liquid, it will be dispersed in the foaming liquid, so that the surfactant in your foaming liquid loses the function of stabilizing the foam, thereby making the foam lose its ability to recover by itself, destroying the elasticity of the foam film and causing the foam to burst. The drainage efficiency of foam can reflect the stability of foam, and water-based defoamers can promote defoaming and speed up the drainage speed, thus causing foam to burst.

    Types of water based defoamer

    1. Silicone defoamer: This type of defoamer has strong defoaming properties even when used in small amounts. It has heat resistance and low cost. It is often used to eliminate water treatment, coatings, textile printing and dyeing, metalworking fluids, mud defoaming in oil extraction, metal cleaning, papermaking industry, and adhesive industry foam problems.

    2. Polyether defoamer: This defoamer has strong dispersibility and temperature resistance in water-based systems, but it does not have the same strong defoaming effect as silicone defoamers. Polyether defoamer will not leave silicon spots after use, and some with higher process requirements will use it now.

    3. Mineral oil-based water-based defoamer: The dosage of this type of defoamer is higher than that of other defoamer, but it has good compatibility with the foaming liquid

    Advantages and application scope of water-based defoamer

    Water based defoamer are particularly suitable for defoaming in high temperature and strong acid and alkali environments. They have good dispersibility, especially after dilution, and will not cause demulsification and oil floating. They have good defoaming effect and long anti-foaming time, and can be well compatible with the product.
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