• Introduction and Application Of Powder Defoamer

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    Defoamers are classified into stearic acid soap, stearic acid amide, stearic acid ester, fatty alcohol, fatty ether, silicone oil according to their different production processes and the requirements of the industry for defoamer. Classes, etc.; according to their state can be divided into oil, emulsion, paste and solid.

    Introduction and Application Of Powder Defoamer

    Powder defoamer

    At present, oil, emulsion and cream antifoams are widely used, and the application range of solid antifoam is narrow. At present, solid silicone defoaming agent have been infiltrated into other fields using liquid antifoams due to the development of preparation techniques, in addition to the production of non-foaming and low-foam detergent powders.

    Composition of Solid Silicone Antifoaming Agent The solid silicone defoaming agent usually consists of three parts: an active component, a carrier and an auxiliary agent. The active component is an organosilicon compound such as dimethyl silicone oil, a dispersion of dimethyl silicone oil-silica, a polyether-modified hydrophilic organosilicon compound, and a silicone emulsion type antifoaming agent. The carrier mainly includes sodium carbonate, silica, fluorspar, polyvinyl alcohol, vinyl acetate-acrylic acid copolymer, high molecular weight polyether and the like. The auxiliary agent mainly functions as bonding, film forming, wrapping, etc., such as starch, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose silicate, fatty alcohol, fatty acid ester and the like.

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