• What is the cause of paint blistering? Use Tego 810 defoamer

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    Today, I would like to share the defoaming experience of Tego 810 defoamer in the coating industry. As a commonly used material, paint can be coated on the surface of objects by different construction techniques, and then form a solid film with strong adhesion, certain strength, and continuous solid state, which is generally called a coating film, paint film or coating. layer. However, during the production and use of coatings, a large amount of foam will always appear. Generally speaking, if these foams are not eliminated in time, it will cause appearance defects and affect the quality of products. Therefore, adding defoamer to coatings is a lack of Impossible.

    So what is the reason for the paint? Let's take a look. When the substrate is not properly treated, the residual substances naturally volatilize and cause blistering. The oily viscosity of the paint is too high, the oily or watery putty is not completely dry or the primer is not dry before applying the finish coat. Improper paint ratio, drag the brush back and forth when brushing, the blistering is not eliminated. There is water in the compressor, air pipe, or water splashed on the construction surface.


    Paint industry

    Not to mention the harm of foaming, the foaming of the coating limits the mixing speed and prolongs the mixing time; the foaming causes volume expansion, which reduces the utilization rate of the equipment; since the continuous injection production line is injected by volume, if foaming This prevents the bucket from being full, and after the foam is dissipated, the weight of the paint in the bucket will be uneven, disturbing the packaging operation.

    Of course, Tego 810 defoamer is naturally relatively well-known in the paint industry. Tego 810 defoamer is a general-purpose coating defoamer, suitable for all kinds of coatings. Tego 810 defoamer can effectively solve the above reasons. The defoamer concentrate used in water-based formulations contains silicon dioxide and has excellent defoaming effect in the grinding stage. It is especially suitable for use in pure acrylic emulsion system, styrene acrylic emulsion system, PU dispersion system, etc. Tego 810 defoamer is an imported defoamer. Imported defoamer is naturally a good choice. It is also widely used in brush/roller construction, airless spraying, compressed air spraying, flexo/gravure printing, dipping. It has a good anti-foaming effect for coating, flow coating, shower coating, and floor!

    Tego 810

    Tego 810

    Please contact us if necessary! China Federation is committed to serving the defoaming needs of various industries. It has more than 20 imported general-purpose defoamers, and its products are suitable for 22 industries and more than 20 processes. The product has good performance and high cost performance. The supply is sufficient, the transportation system is perfect, and it can be dispatched within one working day on the day of ordering. If you have any needs or questions about thickeners, we will have a dedicated team to serve you, please call our service consultation number: 86 13929201380 Miss Crystal.

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