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    With the rapid development of the paper industry, the concentration of this industry is increasing, and a variety of defoaming agents for paper appear in the market. At this point, it is important to choose carefully when purchasing defoamers for paper. The widespread use of defoamers for paper can completely eliminate the paper manufacturer's concern about whether the paper defoamer is green or not. When air entering the stock is surrounded by the surrounding stock, bubbles form and, due to the attraction between the bubbles and the outward-facing hydrophobic groups, the bubbles clump together and eventually form foam. If the foam is not eliminated, it will affect the normal operation of the papermaking system and, to some extent, lead to quality problems in the paper products manufactured. Therefore, at this point, the paper defoamer should play its magic to eliminate foam or inhibit foam generation.

    Why defoamer for paper making is indispensable:

    The amount of defoamer in the paper industry is not large, but its effect should not be ignored. Throughout the paper industry, steam and a series of practical operations after feeding, such as cleaning, brushing, bleaching, extraction, pulp supply system software, surface layer gluing, sizing, black liquor purchase, etc., will generate foam, which will interfere with all normal production and manufacturing, which will reduce the quality of the paper type and, more seriously, will make it impossible to develop. The key methods for removing foam are chemical, physical & mechanical methods. Organic chemical demulsification methods involve the addition of a paper defoamer to the process to remove the foam. Physical defoamers remove foam by soaking, heating, or decompression. The mechanical defoamer method refers to the use of mechanical equipment to break the foam. Chemical fiber defoamer manufacturers' physical and mechanical methods are easy to use, but the general attack can only treat the symptoms, but not both the symptoms and the underlying cause. The actual results are not ideal. The most common application at this stage is the organic chemical breaking method, which uses defoamers to control foam production throughout the paper industry and eliminate the foam that has been produced.

    The use of defoamers for paper making:

    According to the foaming phenomenon in different links, choose the compatible ones to add to each foaming link. When adding, you can choose the addition method according to the specific situation. For example, add the original solution directly, add after dilution, and then spray. In the paper industry, when foaming problems occur in the pulping process, defoamer for paper making is usually added in the bleaching and washing process. In addition, defoamer for paper is added during the operation of the defoamer and thickener. Foaming agents can also be achieved. If foam problems occur during the papermaking stage, defoamers for papermaking can be added to the flow box, stock tank, coating, and sizing press treatments of the papermaking machine.
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