• Analysis and introduction of oil based defoamer

    By : Zilibon Chemical
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    Adhesives are one of the most important auxiliary materials and are widely used in packaging operations. Adhesives are sticky substances that use their stickiness to connect two separated materials together. There are many types of adhesives. Adhesives will produce a lot of foam during production. In the process of producing glue, chemical additives need to be added, and the incompatibility of the components causes foaming problems. Foam does need to be removed quickly, and it is best to use oil based defoamer.

    Oil based defoamer are liquid oily defoamers specially designed for various oil-water systems. They have good defoaming and foam suppression, especially good dispersibility in oily systems, and ideal foam control in acid-base systems above 200 degrees and about 20%. In water-based systems, high-speed stirring is required to add defoamers. The characteristic of defoamers is that they play a role in controlling foam in the system.

    The product advantages of oil based defoamer are as follows:

    1. Good defoaming and foam suppression performance, small addition amount, and will not affect the basic properties of the foaming system;

    2. Good heat resistance, good resistance to strong acids and alkalis, stable chemical properties, and excellent applicability.

    The composition of oil based defoamer mainly includes active ingredients, emulsifiers, carriers and emulsifying aids.The active ingredients are the main core part, which plays the role of breaking bubbles and reducing surface tension; the emulsifier disperses the active ingredients into small particles so that they can be better dispersed into oil or water, which has a better defoaming effect; the carrier accounts for a large proportion of the defoamer, and its surface tension is not high. It mainly plays the role of a supporting medium, which can reduce costs, and the emulsifying aid makes the emulsification effect better.

    It is particularly suitable for defoaming oil-based coatings, inks and plastic systems. It has excellent defoaming properties and good dispersibility in oil-based systems. Oil-based defoamers have the characteristics of controlling foam in the system.
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